Sunday, August 20, 2006

Slide show

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Screen shot - For Gladys and Fernanda

This is a screenshot uploaded as a jpeg file. You see the problem. On my PC monitor, the whole shot fills the screen. Ican increase its size in PAINT, too. But as soon as I upload to Blogger, it gets reduced to the size you can see. Choosing 'large' or 'big' has little or no effect.

As expected, my screenprint embedded in WORD, which seems a neat idea, doesn't work for uploading, and is clumsy for emailing. The file, bmp, I think, is simply too large.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Cambridge photos (not mine) at last

Sorry to have been silent for so long.

These photos, or rather the captions, could do with editing - but I wanted to share them with you without more delay.

Dennis' photos of Cambridge

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Trying out Picasa

  Posted by Picasa

Well, if you have a Picasa account, being able to use the button "Blog this" straight into your blog is, as they say these days, cool or neat.

I am not sure, though, that I have really grabbed control of the size of the posted image. Size is regulated by the code somewhere. Is it visible, that code, and can it be edited?

'Three Blind Mice" English and German & Singing?

Here is proof that I am not proud. I can disgrace myself in public at the drop of a hat.

Three Blind Mice

So now I've added video as well...What's left?

Friday, August 04, 2006

Germany English & EFLTU



I'm really posting a link to these two sites as an exercise in inserting links, with Claudia tutoring me in the background.

Germany-English and EFLTU are two of my TEFL lists. There is a complete list on my homepage:

Dennis Newson's homepage

A punt on the Cam at Cambridge

I was in Cambridge two weeks ago for three days and I took this photo of a punt on that picturesque part of the river Cam called the Backs because here it flows along the backs of many of the colleges.

85 and still swinging

If I've got just a fraction of this man's energy at 85 I'll be a contented person.
In the Carnegie Hall concert he was sitting in a wheelchair - but hear how he played!


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Aerial photo of Cambridge

Done it! The problem was - the photo file was too large. I reduced the size by a quarter and it shot to the site with the speed of an arrow.

Back to the poetry. This is an aerial view of roughly the same area as in the satellite picture posted earlier. You can see the river Cam and King's College Cambridge (the one with the famous choir) on the right. At the end is New Court of St. John's (my old college) and you can just make out the tower of St. John's College chapel.

More in due course.


I've given up on the Sound on blog page. There is clearly a bug of some kind on that particular page.

OK...I've discovered I caused my own frustration by trying to upload gigantic files. I keep forgetting what high resolution photos my small electronic camera can produce.

Here is an appropriate visual accompaniment to a sound recording - the Audacity window as I recorded Grapelli (See another entry.)

A blogging bloggy day

I have had a most frustrating day with Blogger. For 17 hours, on and off, I have tried to upload a photo, having loaded several in the last couple of days. Every time I am timed out before anything happens. That is most frustrating, and a terrible waste of time.

Part of that time - on and off, I repeat - was taken up with trying to get a simple URL posted. Even after Claudias help (It is misbehaving again. It refuses to accept an apostrophe.) although the link works EDIT says it cannot accept the HTML!!

I will post more interesting messages, and another photo, when Mr. Blogger stops being so akward.

At the last moment, when I thought I'd have a final try, I managed to upload a photo, not the one I wanted, but a quite cheerful shot of our sour flowering cherry tree this Spring.

Sound on blog


With Claudia's assistance, listen to a totally uninteresting demonstration of sound on a blog.

When I tried to generate HTML for this link, I get something slightly different.

WHERE does that: >Songblog Notice sonGblog after the MP3 come from, Claudia?

Anyway - Listen to a totally uninteresting example of sound on a blog. and as you listen you can gaze at some apple blossom which has turned into apples, growing in our tiny garden.


I thought I should take the opportunity to create a new blog for the LwC workshop on blogs and blogging. I've created blogs in the past, and I've got a couple of Wikis somewhere, but I can see that, in a sense, I have misused, or under-used, these resources in the past. I'm a natural loner, so I've overlooked or ignored the social aspect of blogging. Often, I've written solely for myself - and there are certainly occasions and situations where this must be legitimate. In this blog, though, I'll try and concentrate on making it a blog where social interaction is important. If I can work out how to do that!

By the way - 'Osnacantab' is a word I've coined from half of the name of the city where I live in Germany, OSNA (Osnabrueck 'Oxen bridge'), and the Latin (!) abbreviation for the university town where I studied, CANTAB (Cambridge - another bridge - the bridge over the river Cam) - Osnacantab 'The Cambridge person living in Osnabrueck. (All of that just because "Dennis" was taken on Blogger!)

Order of original posting: ONE

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nils too

Since you are a VERY special group, I'll let you into a secret. Nils, as you may have gathered, has gone to live in South Africa, but due to an extraordinary coincidence, which I may sometime relate, since yesterday we have Nils' twin brother staying with us - Nils too. (People think that he is named Nils Two (2), but that is a misunderstanding. When asked his name the present Nils always says: "Nils too", because he is very impressed by his older brother Nils, who was born 15 minutes before him.

I thought you'd like to meet him. You'll be hearing and seeing more of him.

Boring pedagogical note

It is amazing, isn't it, how photogenic and charismatic Nils too is. He took us out to a meal last night and the waitress and wine waiter were enchanted by him.

A Google Earth satellite view of the centre of Cambridge

Claudia suggested a screen shot of a picture from Google Earth for those whose PCs are unable to use this incredible program. Here is Google Earth's satellite picture of the centre of Cambridge. You may just be able to identify the river Cam flowing at the back of some of the colleges.

Wedding breakfast for 4 on the river in Cambridge

My wife and I had a rather unconventional wedding breakfast in Cambridge. After the civil ceremony, and after we had changed, I took a punt (a flat-bottomed boat) from the college and punted my wife and I and our two witnesses down the river to a quiet and picturesque point and there we drank champagne and ate sandwiches we'd bought at a little shop we know near the entrance to St. John's College. The stretch of river we are on is The Backs, so called because it runs along the backs of the colleges.